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    Featured article : Homemade Christmas Costumes

    Christmas has a lot of traditions and one of the most enjoyable aspects of Christmas are school plays. In many schools and churches at Christmas time children act out the nativity. Kids love dressing up and it is usually up to mum to make their costumes. At the most basic level shepherds have towels and belts wrapped round their heads and the angel is clothed in a sheet with some homemade wings. Putting these costumes together is a lot of fun. Sometimes children are involved in pantomimes and other plays but that is less often-traditional Christmas plays are normally nativity plays that tell the story of the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.

    Children’s nativity costumes don’t have to be sophisticated-sometimes it is a case of the simpler the better-for instance, Mary and Joseph often have costumes that are sewn from a sheet with holes cut for the head and arms. These costumes can be finished off with a rope-like belt and sandals and they look quite authentic on the stage. A similar process can be used for the shepherds and the kings-just add headdresses for the shepherds and crowns for the kings or wise men.

    When it comes to angels; any type of dress or light fabric outfit can be made into an angel Christmas costume-wings and halos are quite easy to make from pipe cleaners and wire. Gold and silver pipe cleaners can be made into a circle and then attached to a headband to make a nice halo. The wings can also be made out of painted cardboard or wire and mesh.

    Many fathers will dress up as Santa at Christmas and sometimes children’s plays involve Santa Clause. Homemade Santa Claus suits for Christmas costumes can be easily made using fake fur fabric for the coat, the pants and the hat. Fake fur, felt or even cotton can be used for Santa Claus’s beard. Then to complete the whole Santa outfit, use a thick black belt and black boots and the Homemade Santa Claus Christmas costume will sure be a hit. It is great to think that Mrs. Santa homemade Christmas costumes can be made in just the same way.

    Homemade elf Christmas costumes are really easy to make. A pair of tights with a very simple dress-like shirt with a felt hat and felt slippers that need to have pointed toes adorned with bells make fantastic homemade Christmas costumes for elves.

    Everywhere you go, children love reindeer Christmas costumes both for their pets and of course for themselves. Antlers can be made from stiff felt and then attached to a plastic headband or a stocking cap. Noses can be painted red or black using make-up and a brown outfit can be worn as part of the homemade reindeer Christmas costume.


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