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Why Choose A Paper Christmas Card?


With all the choices available for multimedia Christmas cards, why choose a paper Christmas card? In todayís worship of technology one might think that doing a digital Christmas card is the better way to go. However, there are a number of compelling reasons why a traditional paper Christmas card might still be the way to go.

Some of the reasons you might want to choose a paper Christmas card this year are:

* It can be a keepsake
* To use a recycled Christmas card
* It is more personal
* It can be used to hide money or gifts
* To advertise your business or expertise
* To support charitable organizations
* To include family photographs

A Christmas Keepsake

Like any holiday card a parent receives from a child, many of them go into keepsake and scrapbook albums to remind us of our children once they have left the nest. If weíve lost a loved one, they are valuable reminders of the good times in the past and the connections we cherish.

The Recycled Paper Christmas Card Option

Although there isnít that many companies selling recycled Christmas cards, they are still available. Buying them will support environmentally conscious activities and keep those green technologies in business.

It Is More Personal

A paper Christmas card shows the intent and time it took to select which makes it more personal. The choice to add different hand-written notes to each recipient makes it a highly personal experience.

Use Them To Hide Money Or Gifts

Grown-up children in college or people in need will always delight in receiving a Christmas card with cash, phone minutes, or gift cards tucked within.

Use Them To Advertise Your Business

There is no way to get around the fact that paper is far more durable than electronic media. You can delete an electronic card upon receiving it, but a paper Christmas card is likely to end up in a spot of honor on someoneís fireplace mantle. Many businesses know that advertising their business at this time with a mailed Christmas card is sure to reap dividends in customer loyalty the following year.

Support Your Local Charities

Many charitable organizations sell packages of Christmas cards to raise money for their causes. Other businesses that are not non-profit will also sell Christmas cards and give a proceed to a local charity. Itís a win-win for everyone.

Send Your Family Photographs In Them

Sending an actual family photograph is very traditional with mailed Christmas cards. It allows far-flung relatives to see the kids growing up or the newest addition to the family, whether it is a pet or a kid.