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Christmas Crafts


A family day when everyone gathers around to make Christmas crafts is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and build memories that last a lifetime. It does not matter how old or young anyone is, babies excluded, there are crafts that everyone will enjoy making. The family can work on some Christmas crafts together and others by themselves. Here a just a few of many great Christmas crafts that are fun to make:

Gingerbread House and People

This is a favorite Christmas crafts project because you get to eat the finished craft. The easiest way to make this a one day craft is by baking the gingerbread house pieces, people and trees the day before. Buy the candies and other supplies you need ahead of time. Do not forget to have a base to build your gingerbread house on, so it will not fall apart when you move the finished project to a place of honor. Set up a table where the whole family can sit and decorate the pieces. Mom and dad or maybe an older child can help construct the walls and roof. White icing or coconut makes great snow. The great thing about Christmas crafts is that with a little imagination, you can create a work of art.

Beaded Ornaments

If you want inexpensive Christmas crafts a great idea is using beads to make Christmas ornaments for your tree, to place around the house, jewelry or as gifts for family and friends. You can buy beads at the craft store, many dollar stores or department stores. They come in every shape, size and color imaginable. Wire, string, fishing line or yarn is great to use to string the beads. You can shape the wire into candy canes, star shapes, wreaths or even garland for your Christmas tree. They make wonderful jewelry such as a bracelet made in red and green beads or a Christmas brooch.

Cookie Cutters

Using cookie cutters in Christmas shapes make great Christmas crafts. Using cookie dough, have the children cut out and decorate their own cookies. If you want to make the cookies into Christmas tree ornaments, use sculpting clay or a similar product that you bake in your oven. Make sure you put a hole in for the hanger. The kids can paint them and even put their name and age on the back. Of course, if you use cookie dough, the bonus is everyone gets to eat them. Make sure you leave a few to put out for Santa.

Christmas is about spending time together as a family, enjoying each otherís company and doing things together. Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to spend quality time and have fun at the same time.