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92. Children’s Christmas Costumes


Children of all ages love to dress up-at Christmas time they love it even more as adults are also inclined to dress up. At this time of year there is high demand for children’s Christmas costumes, there is also a demand for costumes for adults. In stores all over America a man is employed to dress up and play at being Santa Claus to entertain the children-in addition to this there will be other smaller people who may be dressed as elves. Children like to wear all kinds of costumes. Children’s Christmas costumes are a particular favourite-children love being asked to play angels or Santa Claus. They especially like wigs and beards and if they are in a school concert or pantomime and are asked to play Santa Claus, then they love it-just watch young children rummage in a box full of wigs and beards; they have so much fun.

Sometimes when a child is asked to play Santa Claus there is nothing in the school clothes box that is suitable-this is when mothers and grandmothers are called on to do their bit in providing Children’s Christmas costumes. Most Santa Claus suits consist of a jacket, trousers and a hat. One way of doing this is to find an old jacket and trousers that the child no longer wears and to dye them red-a little bit of fur trim round the collar and cuffs and a belt for the jacket and you’re almost there. Santa hats are really cheap to buy and easy to get hold of nowadays. Schools and churches aren’t always good at providing children’s Christmas costumes, if the school doesn’t have a wig and beard then cotton wool should do the trick. Glue some of the white wool strands round the edges of the hat-use some more to make a beard attach rubber bands to fit round the ears and you have a (rough and ready) wig and beard.

Many of us can remember a Christmas when either we or another family member had a part in the school or church nativity play. Sometimes the whole family would be involved in producing children’s Christmas costumes. They would have great fun trying to produce a blue and white outfit for Mary from an old sheet-another favourite was to make a moustache and beard for Joseph and maybe some of the shepherds. If there was to be a donkey, then the school would often have the means of making that costume-one child would be the front legs and one the back. Usually the naughtiest child in the class was chosen to play the role of the angel, hmm.