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Japanese Christmas Recipes


At Christmas time celebrations happen all over the world and Japan is no exception. Although most of the Japanese population are not Christian; only one percent are- they still celebrate Christmas. However, Christmas is not a national holiday and unless December 25th falls on a Sunday, most Japanese people will have to go to work. Christmas is very much a commercial event in Japan and most Japanese people do not know the origins of the festival. The Japanese have adopted many western customs and they like to party. During December the parties are meant ot celebrate the end of the year. Christmas Eve is a time when celebration starts and many people will eat a special dinner-young people especially like to go out to eat on Christmas Eve where they will partake of special Japanese Christmas recipes. It is not uncommon for the better known restaurants to be fully booked on Christmas Eve-in recent years pizza has become a favorite.

At home people may eat different things from year to year on Christmas day although chicken is a firm favorite in Japanese Christmas recipes. The chicken will usually be roasted or fried. Most unusually on Christmas Eve Kentucky fried chicken restaurants are often packed out. Japanese Christmas recipes do not usually include instructions for a whole chicken, whether they eat it roast or fried, the Japanese tend to cook chicken thighs at Christmas.

Favorite Japanese Christmas recipes include a dish called teriyaki chicken. This Japanese Christmas recipe is made from four chicken thighs, a cup of teriyaki sauce and salt and pepper to taste. The teriyaki sauce is made from soy sauce, sweet rice wine and sugar-this is simmered in a pan and then allowed to cool. The chicken thighs are then marinated in the sauce for 30 minutes to an hour. It is then roasted in the oven and glazed with more of the sauce. They would have this with fried potatoes. The potatoes wrapped in paper and are softened in the microwave. When they are soft they are taken out and unwrapped and then peeled, the potatoes are cut into chunks and the rolled in seasoned flour-they are then dipped in beaten eggs and crumbs and deep fried in vegetable oil.

The Japanese people like to eat cake and puddings at Christmas time-although there are Japanese Christmas recipes for cakes; they do not usually make them. Christmas cakes are usually bought from the local store. Those families who do make their Christmas cake at home will usually make a rich sponge cake rather than a fruit cake.