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Louisiana Christmas Recipes


Christmas in Louisiana is a time for family and celebrations. Around the first Saturday in December they have a celebration known as the festival of lights. It is a huge celebration that has taken place for the past 75 years-and attracts around a hundred and fifty thousand visitors. There is a huge parade through the town which is lit by thousands of multi-colored Christmas lights. There is musical entertainment and a lot of food booths and fireworks-some of the booths will be offering Louisiana Christmas recipes. What there isnít is any alcohol and people are not allowed to bring their own. The festival goes on all day and ends with the fireworks when all the people leave.

Like everyone from the deep south the people of Louisiana love their food. Louisiana Christmas recipes rely heavily on both soul food and Cajun food. Families in Louisiana love to sit down to big platefuls of gumbo at Christmas time. Itís not such good news for the cook because gumbo is a seafood and meat stew that is prepared and cooked over a couple of days. So it is a lot of work and not quick-it is a great dish to have at celebration time though. Louisiana Christmas recipes include roast chicken-families like to eat a special stuffing with this chicken and its prime ingredient is spinach. Louisiana Christmas recipes are good when it comes to meat. Spinach stuffing is often served with lemon game hens. You need four game hens, salt, cayenne pepper, poultry seasoning, oregano, garlic, butter, chicken broth and lemon. Clean and season the game and put half the oregano and garlic inside the birds, fry in butter until they are brown all over, then put them in a pot breasts down-sprinkle on the remaining oregano and garlic and cook for six to eight hours.
Skim off any excess fat then take the rest of the juices from the pan and mix with some commercial browning to make a gravy-spoon it over the birds.

The stuffing is made from butter, onions, mushrooms, Pepperidge farm stuffing, celery, chopped spinach, hard boiled eggs, almonds and chicken broth-first you melt the butter and add everything except the spinach, stuffing, almonds and eggs; then you put these in a bowl and moisten the stuffing with chicken broth. Mix all the ingredients together then place the stuffing in the oven for half and hour-it is usually served as a side dish. There are plenty of Louisanna Christmas recipes for both savory and sweet dishes-a favorite at Christmas time is called Christmas cherry fluff.

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