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Christmas Tree Planting


Christmas trees are an important part of Christmas-this importance is reflected in Christmas tree planting. When we see Christmas trees in the windows of peopleís houses, or outside stores, then we know that it is the Christmas season. It is no surprise therefore that the Christmas tree industry is a flourishing one. This means that it is big business and a lot of money is poured into research on Christmas tree planting. There is constant competition to discover better tree varieties and why some trees flourish on a particular site and others donít. Growers are continually trying to find ways to improve tree growth and the way that trees are marketed.

At the same time the producers are looking to reduce costs because rising costs mean a corresponding rise in prices which the market is not always ready to meet. Without such research, however, the demand for evergreen trees could diminish and the majority of people settle for artificial substitutes.

Many trees are planted and cultivated to produce timber-Christmas tree planting is different; planting the seedlings has to be done with great care to avoid problems with the base of the trees. With Christmas tree planting there is more concern over the problems caused by unwanted grass and weeds. These have to be cut back or they could damage the treesí growth. Insects can deform the limbs of the trees and damage the foliage. Christmas tree planting is also undertaken by owners of small plots of land this can produce the most money per acre-small-scale Christmas tree production doesnít involve such complicated harvesting and marketing methods as large scale Christmas tree planting.

The Virginia Pine is the major species of Christmas tree that is produced on tree farms in East Texas. This is because it is the type of tree most suited to the acidic Texan soil. It can take three to five years to produce a six to eight foot Virginia Pine it varies depending on the soil and conditions of the land. In South Central and Western Texas the soil is Alkaline and more suited to the Afghan Pine. The growth rate of the Afghan is very similar to that of the Virginia Pine and planting stock is obtained from a number of different commercial sources.

Christmas tree planting can be a long and complicated business, and as we have seen different types of trees do better in different types of soil. Christmas trees are, at the moment, a massive growth industry but it is clear that if costs continue to rise then this could come to a halt. Research may indeed be necessary to finding different and better types of trees; but it is expensive. People want Christmas trees but some of the artificial ones are so well made now that they may find the rising cost of real trees beyond their budgets.

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